charity auction to benefit mary's mantle...

"Caring for each precious life, hope is restored and untold possibilities unfold"

Get ready to celebrate Fat Tuesday Zelie-style!! 

@zelieandco is hosting their first charity auction on Instagram this Tuesday, February 9th to get us into the giving spirit for Lent. 

Each artisan is partnered with a blogger to raise money for a charity of their choice. I'm working with the amazing Rakhi from Rakstardesigns and we will be raising money for Mary's Mantle, a Catholic maternity home in the metro-Detroit areaMy Mama grew up in Detroit. It is a city still close to her heart. She is also a HUGE pro-life supporter. This is for you Mama  

So honored to be a part of this charity auction on Instagram this week.

Here is a little love note directly from Rahki:
When Mary (@marylenaburg) and I first started talking about what charity to choose, it did not surprise me at all that she was all about the mamas and babies - Mary is one of the most giving, loving, authentic mamas I have ever had the joy to know. So when we decided on Mary's Mantle, a maternity home in metro Detroit, I knew I wanted this set to exude the richness of our blessings. It seemed like the perfect fit to use God's creation to center us upon how he manifests his beauty in the midst of unplanned chaos and trial. God and His promises are with us always. Sometimes our blessings just come in disguise. ‪#‎zeliecharityauction‬ 

 Here's a quick sneak peek of the set that we will be auctioning is all about blessings, grace, and hope! We wanted to encourage families, especially Mama's to have a quiet space somewhere in there home that they could go to that was filled with encouragement and love. Rahki's art is beautiful and creates a sweet peaceful surround in which to pray. There is a lovely candle to light, and a mug to fill with your favorite hot beverage. 

My part of the package was smile and fun to put together. I have my favorite Catholic Women's Devotional Bible, a bible cover in a lovely shade of Marian Blue, bible highlighters, tabs to mark the books to make things easier to look up AND a sweet prayer journal for your love notes to the Lord. 

I have also included three of my favorite Harney and Sons Tea to use in that fabulous hand painted mug. Everything you need to create a beautiful, peaceful prayer space is included in this package. You are set to begin a wonderful journey with the Lord, knowing that you are loved. No shopping required. Woohoo!!

So my friends, let's do this thing shall we? Knowing how competitive I can be, let's show the other bloggers/artisans how it's done. Let's raise some money for the mama's and babies. 

How the Auction Works:

-There will be 10 sets up for auction! Each one has a value well over $100.

-The auction will start at 9am CST and will end at Midnight CST.

-The bids will increase by $5 increments.

Bids will be taken on the @ZelieandCo IG page only, but all images are sharable!

-Shannon ( will be on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show promoting our event!

-The bloggers whose set earns the most for their charity will receive an honorary award “The Heart of Zelie”.

-Please join us in asking St. Zelie and St. Therese for their intercession for the success of this event, for all of our participants, and our charities and the people they serve!

Happy  bidding!

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