Seven Quick Takes: The Mary Lenaburg Edition

As you may recall (from yesterday’s post), we heard from a crazy lady from Oregon named Heather. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but … I’m baaaaack!! My sincere salutations and earnest apologies, gentle readers – Mary actually allowed me to commandeer her space one more (final?) time to share one whopper of a 7 Quick Takes post for your reading enjoyment.

At first, I thought y’all might be interested in peeking into Mary’s closet – you know, not the one with all the amazing shoes:

... but the one with all the fun skeletons! Don’t you want to hear some surprising, little-known, and possibly scandalous facts about our friend, Mary?? I know I did!! So I asked her to share a few stories, and Mary kindly texted me some doozies this morning that had me absolutely in stitches.
Stay tuned … I may just post those stories yet …

However, it juuuuust wouldn’t be April Fool’s Day if things went exactly as expected, now, would it?? Bwahahahahahahaha!!! 
As y’all know, Mary is a pretty amazing and wonderful person (#understatement). And this equally awesome + amazing community has already raised nearly $5,000 toward the overall $8,000 #WeGiveABuck goal!!! I invited a few friends to cheer Mary on (and up) by completing the following sentence:

"Here's something y'all should know about my friend, Mary ..."

(Before I continue, I must apologize yet again, dear readers, because this post doesn’t actually contain seven quick takes after all – it ended up being about 20 ... or so. Mea maxima culpa. And enjoy.)

"Her faithfulness, love, and joy in caring for her daughter Courtney represent what it means to pursue a culture of life. She also can make you laugh until you cry." -Haley Stewart
"She can drink mint juleps with you and make you laugh longer than you can stay awake!" -Christy Isinger

"She's all about that bass, no treble." -Kelly Mantoan

"Sweet Mary loves to surprise her friends with unexpected giant boxes of gifts. They just show up our our doorstep, full of love and blessings." -Hallie Lord

"She can sing All About Dat Bass better than the original artist." -Jennifer Fulwiler

"She's all about that bass!" -Shannon Wendt
(Heather's note: I know you're curious about this bass business. Check out the amazing actual karaoke footage of Mary killin' it here.) 

"She is fiercely funny, but even more fierce in sharing her love with others and supporting her sisters in faith. With all that is going on in her own life, she doesn't waste a moment in making certain that we know how much we are loved, that we are enough, and that we are taking care of ourselves. Oh, and she's a big fan of zucchini if I remember correctly." -Rakhi McCormick

"She once went to Lourdes and had an amazingly moving spiritual experience - one that taught her to trust wholeheartedly in the plans of the Lord. She's a world-class joke teller. And by joke, I mean any story Mary tells is funny. Even mundane ones. Like...telling me about tying her shoes somehow becomes the funniest thing I've ever heard. Because Philip Neri-style humor." -Wendy

"She makes other people feel special and loved and gets outside herself all the time. She also has the sassiest style ever." -Nell O’Leary

"Mary and I only knew each other virtually when our youngest began having seizures. Yet, she was the first person I reached out to. I think we broke the AT&T texting limit - ha! She was there for me in a way no one else could be. I'm honored to say the seizures stopped, but our friendship didn't. Mary and I met in person last summer and she was just as charming and gracious and funny and awesome as she appears on her blog. I consider her the dearest of friends. She even roots for my Aggies. Clearly a winner, that Mary." -Kathryn Whitaker
"Mary will go above and beyond to take care of you. If there is a problem or a need she will step up to fix it or fill it." -Bonnie Engstrom

"She is incredibly generous (and a total risk-taker)! Last year at the Edel Gathering, she loaned me, a complete stranger from Kansas, her Mercedes rental, because she clearly understood my *very serious* need for some she-crab soup and a Rosemary infused gin and tonic from 82 Queen. I would also like to personally thank her for all of her daily Facebook posts which have inspired me to put some pizazz in my wardrobe, and to eat more cookies." -Susan Husband

"She showed us the beauty of joy through tears, and that it's never too late to figure out what you want to be when you grow up!" -Rebecca Frech
"She shines a light in the places you didn't even know were dark and warms every moment with her presence." -Jenna Guizar

"1. She's the kind of mom I want to be when i grow up; and 2. she's not afraid of mixing patterns and overdosing on caffeine. Basically, Mary is a Renaissance woman." -Jenny Uebbing

"I watched Mary as she loved and held her daughter and thought about what kind of mother I am. I have healthy kids so it is easy to take them for granted, that they will always be here. I watched this mother cherish every smile and every moment as she prayed for a miracle. And then when Courtney went to Jesus, this mother mourned joyfully. I never witnessed such love. I imagine it is a lot like Mary's love for Jesus as she watched His Passion and Death knowing it wasn't the end, but suffering with Him in His suffering. It was a witness of a mother's love that changed the way that I love my own children." -Leticia Adams

"She goes out of her way to encourage mamas with special kids. I have had numerous Facebook messenger conversations with her while either Mary is in the hospital with Courtney or I have been in the hospital with Daniel; and she has the same sarcastic sense of humor I do which has helped diffuse things for me and get me to laugh at some pretty scary circumstances. She is also the shoe queen." -Jen of ::Meditatio::

"She loves coffee more than I do (and that’s saying something!) and I hope to be half as awesome as she is when I grow up." -Sarah Huston
"Mary is the most supportive friend. Her and I have never even met in person, but she is such a huge cheerleader for my business. She appreciates the work I put in, and her belief in me is actually very motivating." -Jenna Hines

"She can draw a laugh, a deep resonating belly laugh, right up out of you. A laugh that lightens your heart and lends hope to your soul. That kind of laugh comes from knowing a friend not only shares your joy, but can sit with you in your sorrow, that understands sometimes sharing tears means more than any words. She has given me hope by sharing her faith when it seems hope is gone. By sharing her story, she has lighted more of my dark paths than she knows. And I will always be thankful to call her friend." -Cate Roberts

"Mary is one of the most generous people you will ever meet- generous with things, yes, but also generous with her time, her prayers, and with her kind words. To know Mary is to know love." -Dwija Borobia


C'mon - let's keep this party rolling, friends! What would YOU like everyone to know about your friend Mary?? Add your comments, below, or check out more incredible (actual) 7QT entries here

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