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Its been quite some time since I have shared any recipes.  Since I am working full-time outside the home now, dinner time needs to be quick and easy. My dogs are tired by the time I walk in the door and my hubby is usually about an hour behind me. I like to have everything ready to go on the table about 20 minutes after he gets home. 

A home cooked meal served nice and hot in a timely manner. It's how my hubby feels loved. Me? I am a jewelry, flowers kind of girl. Jerry? Dinner on the table and an uncluttered living room. I am telling you friends, the small things make a BIG difference in a marriage. It's helped us through some very serious ups and downs in our almost 28 years of married life, especially when our Courtney was still alive. 

I thought I would share some family favorites that are pretty quick and very tasty. I make these all the time and never once have they failed me. 

First up we have the classic Spaghetti and Meatballs. I really love this recipe from Ina Garten. I make it at least twice a month it's not the quickest but it is the tastiest. 

Next we have a little Tex Mex love. These Green Chicken Enchiladas are quick and so very yummy. You can double or triple this recipe very easily as well if you need to feed a crowd. 

Staying with the Tex Mex vibe and bringing in my favorite kitchen appliance, the crock pot. Every busy woman's friend in the kitchen. This recipe for Taco Soup is from Paula Deen and I have made adjustments over the years. It's always a winner, whether served during football season or in the middle of summer. 

Switching back to pasta and adding in an Asian flair, we have this Sweet and Tangy Rice Noodle Salad. Oh.my.word.y'all. This cold noodle dish happens at least once a week here once the weather has warmed up. It's quick, easy and if you don't have time to slice and chop all the veggies, the supermarket salad bar is your friend. Just plain awesome. 

Another Asian dish is Miss Ivy's Noodles, using of all things, ramen noodles, which are cheap and found anywhere. One of Jonathan's ALL-time favs, no matter what the season. 

On the healthy side of life is this awesome Mighty Grain Salad. You can take out the beans and grain and add in salmon or chicken. So versatile and so yummy no matter what you choose to do. Just make it.  

Last I have a classic recipe for Panzanella. It pairs well with grilled chicken, steak or salmon. It's a summer time fav and usually made on the weekend as we grill. 

I'll share more in the coming weeks. I may even blog a new recipe or three. What are you cooking these days? Share in the comments. Also, if your looking for a specific type of recipe let me know and I'll get cooking.

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