31 days with our lady: love from one mother to another...

Today is the first day of May and I have decided to devote this month on the blog to Our Lady. I am named for Our Lady and for her cousin Elizabeth. I was once told by a priest that we should strive to live up to the name our parents have given us in baptism. 

I may or may not have done a face palm at that moment of the homily thinking about how I would ever even come close to living up to such a name. I may or may not have thanked/blamed my parents under my breath for giving me such an auspicious moniker. No pressure Mom and Dad, no pressure.

My relationship with Our Lady has evolved over my lifetime, from my awe of her as a young child wanting to be a queen just like her, to a favored friend to a mentor and confidant and finally a fellow grieving mother. Each day there will be a brief story from my life, both past and present, followed by a little love letter from one mother to another.

I look forward to spending this month walking hand in hand with our Blessed Mother in this new series...31 Days with Our Lady: love from one mother to another

Join me won't you.  

day two: a flower crown
day three: tug of war in my heart
day four: it's in the name
day five: to reconcile
day six: little bride
day seven: godmother
day eight: motherhood
day nine: time and patience
day ten: expectations
day eleven: strong-willed
day twelve: simon jude
day thirteen: stretch marks 
day fourteen: just breathe 
day fifteen: healing hearts
day sixteen: help me to see 
day seventeen: sophie's choice
day eighteen: acceptance
day nineteen: storms
day twenty: rebuilding
day twenty-one: the cross
day twenty-two: the remembering
day twenty-three:
day twenty-four:
day twenty-five:
day twenty-six:
day twenty-seven:
day twenty-eight:
day twenty-nine:
day thirty:
day thirty-one:

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