7 quick takes friday (vol. 3)

It's Friday!! WOOHOO!! Check out more Quick Takes with Jennifer over at Conversion Diary. It has been an interesting week here in Lenaburg land. So much going on...so let's get to it!

I have spent this week in New Jersey at the Catholic Writer's Conference, sponsored by the CMN and the Catholic Writer's Guild. It has been fabulous! I have learned so much about the direction of Catholic publishing in regard to books and periodicals. It's an exciting time!

I did it! I pitched my memoir about Courtney and our family's journey and the editor asked for a partial (Synopsis, TOC and two chapters)! I am stunned! I didn't throw up but I had to breathe deeply so I wouldn't get emotional talking about Courtney. Now I have to get back to work and send her some good stuff.

I have learned so much this week about creating good characters in fiction, how to market your work, the ABC"s of Good Writing plus what the "hot topics" are in the Catholic publishing world. I have met some fabulous human beings all of whom are in love with their church and on fire for God. It was a wonder to behold!

Since I have been in New Jersey, I was able to reconnect with a dear friend from our Navy days (Hi Charlene!!). She met at the hotel for drinks and dinner and it felt like we were sitting on our front porch on B Street and no time had passed at all. That's the sign of a true friend. When you can get together even after years apart, and it feels like you saw them last week. She is quite a gem. 

It's been a good week for the 19 year old in the house. You can read more here.

Yesterday was my 21st Wedding Anniversary. I am such a lucky gal. I am blessed with a husband who makes me laugh every single day. I am so honored he chose to spend his life with me. I love you babe!

I love coming home after traveling. The house is clean (thanks guys!), and my daughter missed me so she is ready to snuggle with Mom. Plus, I get to sleep in my own bed! Life is good!