7 quick takes friday (vol. 4)

TGIF!!! Whew, we made it another week! Yea God!! It is so hot here that my brain is in slow motion and I really had to stretch to come up with "7 Quick Takes". Check out more of the madness with Jennifer@Conversion Diary. Enjoy!

Courtney passed her swallow test! Yeah God!! There are no words to express my gratitude to everyone for all the prayers for our girl!! All the glory to God!!

Meal planning has payed off in a HUGE way this week with two major doctors appointments for Courtney as well as other social engagements (see#2). I am so thankful that I have a deep freezer full of goodies all set to go. It has made dinner prep stress free. Yea!

I got to spend my ENTIRE Wednesday with some of my favorite little people. I spent the day with H, E, J and L (who happens to be my goddaughter) while Mom got to go the the doctor all be herself. She was almost giddy! I remember when going anywhere by myself was almost a mini vacation. Then she took a well deserved break and  pampered herself with a mani/pedi. Her hubby will be home late tonight after nine months in Afghanistan. A girl needs to look good for her honey! It was a privilege to be able to help out in some small way. Thank you V for your service to this great nation! 

I have written everyday. This is a huge shift in my work habits and long overdue! It's amazing how much you can get done when you actually schedule the time to do it. Who knew!! Yeah I know. Everyone but me!

I have been asked a few times this week for book recommendations for teens, especially girls. I am taking my time with this one. I will post it separately in a few days. If you can recommend some favorites and why you like them, leave a comment and I will include them in my post. Thanks.

We will be having company for dinner on Saturday night. The menu is steak (walked by the grill), grilled corn and grilled portobello mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil and garlic. We will finish with homemade Chocolate Pound Cake. Oh YUMMM! I promise pictures and recipes by Monday.

It took a day, but I did recover from the trouncing I took at Sorry on Thursday (see #3) . No worries, I"ll come back strong for the next round!