show us your life ~ reception and honeymoon

This weeks edition of "Show Us Your Life" hosted by the lovely Kelly @ Kelly's Korner is the last in the "weddings" series. Today I will take a little trip down memory lane and talk about my wedding reception and honeymoon.

As I stated in my previous posts about my wedding, I was married in August at the Naval Academy Chapel. It was hot and humid. My husband was in flight school in Pensacola, Fl at the time and we had only nine months to plan before he moved to Sacramento, CA to finish his training. This meant that we could not get a large ballroom for our reception because everything in Annapolis was booked up to two years in advance even then.

So we had our reception in a hotel restaurant. It was on the small side which made the seating very cozy. We had about 110 of the 125 that were invited come on the big day. We had a blast. Lots of laughter and tons of teasing from our friends and family.One thing I would change...we would have dancing. I missed the traditional first dance as well as the dance with my daddy. When he passed away, I really wished I had a picture of that dance.

This is one of my favorites from our wedding day. One layer was yellow cake with lemon butter cream filling, one was chocolate with dark chocolate ganache filling, and the top layer was pound cake with blueberry jam filling all surrounded by the most delightful vanilla butter cream frosting with piped roses in light pink and white. We just could not make up our minds, so we had them all. The sword was Dave Renberg's, one of my husbands company mates from the Academy. At that point everyone that had married from the 22ND Company had used Dave's sword, so we continued the tradition. Ahh memories.

This is a picture of us with my husbands company mates. 22ND Company Rules!! They are a fantastic bunch of people, many of whom we have stayed in contact with for 22 years!

I really did not want to do the "garter thing" I was mortified when my husband insisted on it. So I had a blue garter below my knee. It was very funny, for everyone else! I was as red as a tomato!

My brothers were all single then and boy did they plan for this! They just decimated our rental car. Oh well...all in good fun!

As far as a honeymoon is concerned...ummmm ...we didn't have one. We flew out the next day to Florida and Jerry was back at work on Monday. Such is the life of a Navy bride sometimes. We are hoping to take for our 25th Wedding Anniversary....someday...somehwere...

Check in next Friday for more..."Show Us Yor Life"!