7 quick takes friday (vol.17)...

After a few weeks off, I am back with 7 Quick Takes Friday. It's been a fascinating week here in Chez Lenaburg. Lots of drama and trauma followed by peace and calm. Just another typical week surrounded craziness. Let's get too it shall we?

This day we start with a little romance. Tammy @ Simply Modern Mom has come up with a fabulous idea for couples.
Project 365: Date Nights

Here are the Rules:
**Every Friday night from 9 -10 p.m. is our date night. We usually have both kids in bed by 8:30 p.m.
**Majority of the time the dates will be at home so we don’t need babysitters.
**We rotate being in charge of date nights on a monthly basis.
**Can’t do the same thing twice in one month.
**Dates need to be free most of the time. If not free, then under a budget of $30. Cheaper than if we went out.
**No children allowed.
**Must create a date-like atmosphere. No frumpy clothes or pajamas. Make it a special event. Mind the details. But most of all, keep it simple.

My marriage has greatly benefited by in-home dates. Between our financial difficulties over the years and Courtney's medical needs, going out for a date was not always possible. So we would make the time one night a week, after everyone was in bed and have a date.
I am looking forward to seeing what Tammy and her readers come up with.
Should be fun.

After a three week break Castle is returning next week. Yeah! I am a HUGE Nathan Fillion fan. So cute, so funny. I love the writing on this show with the snarky, snappy dialogue. The plot lines move fairly quickly and they have some teeth to them. I am all about a good mystery and when you combine that with fabbo characters, it's a win, win baby!
Check it out here.

I am LOVING the new Casting Crowns album "Until the Whole World Hears". I have had it in my Ipod all week and it is just speaking to me where I am right now. I NEED Christ in my life every single day. If I don't have Him front and center, well it's just ugly. I love their message:


In the midst of my new pantry challenge for January, I am looking for cheap inspiration. I came across this cookbook recommendation on my facebook page. I am intrigued. i will have to see if the library has it. Any other cookbook suggestions from cyberworld? I am listening...

As you read this I will be driving up and down the Pennsylvania turnpike for the last time as a mother of a Franciscan University student. Jonathan has made a different choice for the remainder of his college education. I am beginning to make peace with it. It is his experience and his future for which he is responsible. Sometimes change needs to happen in order for growth and success. We shall see where the road takes us in the next few years. I will miss Franciscan. It was a place of great inspiration.

I was reading this post by Laura@10 Million Miles and I must admit I am intrigued by the idea. There is richness in remembering where we have been and how far God has brought us. I LOVE the idea of writing letters to those who have greatly impacted my life this past year. I am so grateful to ALL of you who stop by and read my words. It is humbling to know that every once in a while something that God has placed on my heart to share brings joy to you. Forgiveness is the most difficult of the three. However I think the most important. We must let go of those transgressions before we can move forward to answer the call God has placed on our hearts.
Now to actually DO IT...that's always the rub isn't it?

Just in case you were wondering...there are 350 days until CHRISTMAS 2010!

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Have a GREAT weekend!
Blessings and Grace,