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OK, so I am one week in to the Pantry Challenge with MoneySavingMom and LifeasMom. I have to say it i going well. I was able to make seven days worth of meals without grocery shopping. I have also planned this weeks meals and won't have to shop until Friday and it will be under $20.

I am amazed how much food we have in this house. My gracious. The inventory of the deep freeze was insane. The pantry doesn't even look like anything was taken from it. I have decided to continue with this challenge until my deep freeze is bare. This way so I can get a jump start on my preparations for Easter which include a deep cleaning of the house. I am trying to be more intentional with my time as well so this will go a long way to help.

OK now for the menu's. I will post the weeks menu on Mondays during the challenge. I will also post a few of the recipe's as time allows. I will let you know what I have spent on groceries that week. Hopefully I will make it five or six weeks with what's in the house. We shall see. Breakfast and lunch will be included.

Chez Lenaburg Menu for 1/10 ~ 1/16

oatmeal, hard boiled egg, orange
apple and cheese (snack)
Pasta w/Homemade sauce, frozen veggies

cranberry coffee cake, hard boiled egg, hot tea
turkey wrap, apple, chips
Black Beans and Rice, frozen veggies

oatmeal, hard boiled egg, hot tea
turkey wrap, apple, chips
Sausage Lentil Soup, thick slice of bread

peanut butter w/whole wheat bread
tuna salad wrap, carrot sticks
Shrimp Bisque (new recipe)

oatmeal, apple, hot tea
tuna salad wrap, carrot sticks
Saucy Chicken w/Stuffing (new recipe), frozen veggies

cranberry coffee cake, hard boiled egg, hot tea
(we have a funeral to attend so lunch will be there)
Sherried Tomato Soup (new recipe) w/Grilled Cheese sandwiches

French Toast w/ sausage links
(since we eat later on Saturday mornings, we have a light snack instead of lunch)
Mild Chicken Korma w/ Pilaf for a Curry Banquet (new recipe)

Should be a good week with four new recipe's. Check back and see if it's a HUGE success or an EPIC fail! I will post another menu next Monday.
Blessings and Grace,

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