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WOW! It's been two weeks since my last {phfr} post. So much has happened here in my little world. 
If you need to catch up with the goings can check here, here, here, herehere and here. Miss Courtney is doing much better these days. We are so very happy to be home from the hospital. She continues to recover slowly but surely.

We headed out early this morning for more blood work and a check-in with her Neurology team. The Doc was very pleased with her progress. They caught the virus in it's earliest stages so we have hopefully avoided most of the major damage that could have been done.

We still need to be uber careful with her immune system, so homebound we remain for now, except for Mass and possibly a visit to family. We continue to take things one day at a time. Mama can't handle much more than that.

So here's a little peek at my slice of the contentment yoga pants today either...


Two girls pretty in pink, happy to be home snuggling on the couch. Home never felt so good let me tell you. We have spent hours reading to Courtney and sipping hot tea (Mom has that is) just enjoying our time NOT in a hospital. God is good ALL the time.

I LOVE this Psalm. It captures how I felt when we walked back into our house last Friday night. My girl came through another medical crisis. Thank you once more for your prayers. 


These are two new books that I found for Miss Courtney. The stories are so sweet and they are a joy to read. Miss Courtney actually giggled during "Flannel Kisses". Oh how I have missed that giggle. 


IN order to get Miss Courtney's ammonia levels to drop the Doc had to double her Lactulose. This is the med that helps things to "move" shall we say. I know "Eeewww gross, you're talking about poop".

Umm...yes, my life is full of poop these days but that's a very good thing. It's helping my daughter get better. Why a picture of a candle? Well you can imagine if your daughter is pooping 2-3 times a day in an adult diaper, then things can get pretty stinky. Hence the lovely smell of Cranberry Chutney. 

Ahhh that's better...just keeping it real my peeps.

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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