what i wore sunday...vol 3...

It has been on very challenging week here at Chez Lenaburg.  You can read all about it here and here and here and here and here and here. Miss Courtney has had a pretty rough few days but this morning woke up with a smile. That young woman is the most tenacious individual I have ever known. She fights every single day to be with us and we fight to keep her.

Oh how we love this girl!

It will take some time for things to fully return to "normal" for us but that's OK. We are home and safe and in the end that's all I could ask God for. He is faithful. He is generous. He is good all the time.

Getting dressed for Mass today was a bit challenging. I have been in yoga pants, sweats and flannel shirts for the last four days. Not feeling very feminine either. So today I forced myself to step out of the post-hospital "blues", put on some mascara and give it a whirl. I actually wore foundational garments. I know...I am insane. I really wanted to wear this sweater dress since it was still cold. It requires a foundation...believe me...I did your eyes a favor.

Any time a meno-pausal woman puts on a sweater, it had better be at least 30 degrees outside or else the hot flash train will be riding into the station every twenty minutes. Since the resent cold snap has lingered today, I knew that the timing was right for this sweater dress.

Yes, I am on top of the picnic table.

Yes, you may question my sanity.

Yes, this is the ONLY  photographic evidence of me dancing on a table.

I am not sure I did the right thing with the accessories. I keep thinking it need a POP of color but was out of energy and ideas when I got to that point. What would you do with this dress? I am open to any and all suggestions.

The outfit is as follows:
Grey Knit Sweater Dress : Pre-holiday Clearance at Macy's (love their coupons!)
Textured Grey/Black tights : Lane Bryant
Black Wedge Boots : DSW (four years ago) I really need new ones but have trouble because I have a rather large calf. Anyone else know where I can find some fabulous boots that accommodate a largerthananygirlshouldhave calf muscle?? Let me know.
Foundational Garments : the miracle of Spanx
Necklace and Earrings : Lane Bryant (at least two years ago)

So there's my outfit. I know. Absolutely ready for my Vogue shoot wouldn't you say? HA! I think not. As for the CurlyHeaded Wonder, she went casual today. She is homebound for the near future and won't be able to go to church until next week. Today we went plaid and stripes, a favorite combo of mine.

Courtney's outfit:
Smile : A gift from God!
Jeans : Macy's "Charter Club"
Sweater : Gap (a birthday gift from Grandma G)
Toothpaste stain on Sweater : Courtesy of Daddy.
Plaid Blouse : Clearance at LL Bean

So there you have it. Vol 3 of What I Wore Sunday. Phew!! Now I can take my tights off and get back into flannel PJ's. Have an awesome week everyone.

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