what i wore wednesday ~ vol. 2...

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath for the next installment of my 30 Day Skirt/Dress Challenge post. So let me put you out of your misery...or maybe make your eyes bleed. Who knows what you will think. All I know is that this has challenged me to think outside my typical fashion box. Man oh man, this next week is going to be interesting as you begin to see pieces repeated but that's the whole point isn't it? To shop what you've got. I shall do my best and remember to embrace the necklace. You will see what I mean below.

Here are the first three entries...
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So here is what I wore this past week. I realized when posting these that the main color in my wardrobe is blue. Being that is is my favorite color I am A-OK with that but I guess I need to watch myself when shopping for the fall. I don't want to be a big blueberry. A girl has to have a little color in her life, or at least more than one color in her life.

Day Four:

OK. This is not a skirt but it is a fabulous pair of bermuda shorts and I love this top from Ralph Lauren. As I stated in the beginning of the challenge, I have to take Miss Courtney to OT and PT therapy twice a week so I do have to wear shorts or leggings for ease of lifting a movement during therapy. This was one of the outfits I wore for OT.

Day Five:

This was a huge risk for me. Not only the wild pattern but the fact that I am not a small woman on top and this dress is strapless. It can present a conundrum, so wearing something strapless is a rarity in my world. Finding a strapless bra that would stay in place was quite the challenge but I did it (thank you Lane Bryant). Anyway, this is screaming for a necklace but it was so hot this day that the thought of something on my neck was beyond what I could bare. I have had the dress for two years but last summer I couldn't get into it. It fit like sausage casing and that was NOT pretty my friends. Not pretty at all. This year with 34 pounds gone...not bad. The shrug and dress are from Lane Bryant.

Day Six: 

This one was a pretty simple puzzle to put together. I look like a Talbot's catalog, but the skirt is from Talbots so there you go. The top and sweater are from DressBarn and Lane Bryant. Again it's screaming for a necklace. I was wearing a huge hoop earring but I think it needs a bit more pizazz. I guess I need to work on the whole daily accessory thing.

Day Seven:

I decided to play with color and pattern in this outfit. I have been doing a little research on pattern mixing and one of the "rules" is to find a color that exists in both pieces to provide consistency so that you don't look like a circus clown on crack. I chose the orange and then added the light teal sweater since the top is sleeveless and I have Helga arms so covering them is necessary to protect your vision. I like this one alot. It speaks to my personality. Maybe I really am a circus clown on crack...I'll never tell!

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