7 quick takes friday (vol. 5)

Thanks Jennifer@Conversion Diary for hosting another week of 7 Quick Takes. If you want to be inspired by others and all they do head on over to Conversion Diary.

Not only have I stuck to my baking plan for the Labor Day Picnic (Yeah Me!) I also made Pesto! Pesto! Pesto! with the last of the basil from the garden. Yummo! Yummo! Yummo! You can find the recipe I used here. I think I might make some homemade pasta next week. I might even get ambitious and make homemade ravioli. It's going to be so good...I cannot wait.

I went into a book store and DID NOT BUY A BOOK! This is huge. I promised honey I would stick to the budget like glue and so far, I have succeeded. It was difficult though. So many new books out all of them calling my name trying to entice me to join them in a great adventure. I will be strong! I will be strong! I will be going to the library every week to combat this fatal disease.

I was brave and participated in this weeks Show Us Your Life post with Kelly@KellysKorner. You have to see it to believe it.

I had the lovely experience on Tuesday of attending the G-tube clinic at Fairfax INOVA Hospital. What's a G-tube clinic? It's where you meet with a team of specialists that concentrate on diet and care for the gastric tube Court has in her tummy. We use it to supplement her diet since she cannot swallow liquids at all.
What did we do for THREE SOLID HOURS? First we waited 45 minutes to be seen. Then they weighed Court (she's holding steady at a lovely 107 pounds. yea!). Then we waited another 45 minutes to be put back in a room. Then when the dietitian came in she realized that I knew more than she on how to make a blender (liquid) diet to go through the g-tube to replace the nasty formula Court's been on, I began a silent prayer campaign for patience and a kind response. I had done my homework and just had a few questions which she needed help answering. So we waited some more.
Then the head nurse came in and after chatting for a few minutes I helped teach her to fill out the county's school forms allowing the school to feed the kids by G-tube. She had no idea what to fill out and parents had been dropping the forms off all summer for the new school year. You know you have been at this for awhile when you know more than the nurses and docs about certain things. They were SOOO happy I had come in. It helped them alot. As for helping me and my girl...a complete waste of time but thank you for asking. Bless your heart!

I got to go out twice this week. A new Mom record. I enjoyed some tea and stitching with the lovely Barbara. She made a scrumptious plum crisp. So Yummy! Then last night i got to go to dinner with the lovely Caroline. It was her first time out since her honey returned from overseas. We had a lovely Italian meal followed by coffee and something sweet. It was wonderful to spend some quality time with these lovely ladies. I am blessed indeed. Oh and did I tell you...it was lovely.

This weekend will be filled with football and food. BooMama's is hosting THE DipTacular blog tour today. I can't wait to stop by and grab some new ideas. I love football and the food that goes with it!

There were a few small successes along the way. All in all a good week.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We will be busy this weekend with lots of visiting and BBQ. I look forward to hearing how your weekend goes.
Blessings and Grace,